General Information

During the year 2000 D J Clark built a visual record of the Lancaster & Morecambe district using photographs and information submitted by those that feature in the pictures. The project was conducted in association with Lancaster Museum and has been archived for future generations to look back at the district at the turn of the new Millennium. For more information on the project visit the information page. If you find a caption is wrong or there is a fault with the page please e-mail D J Clark.

Date: July 15th 2000 and other times
Location: Williamson Park

Photographer's Diary

Sunday 25th June - Exhibition Opening

Light & Air, exhibition opening of Mari Takafuji at the Ashton Memorial: Once again met by my apologies I arrived on time to a small audience and a beautiful gallery. I roamed and shot, but realised there was limited pictures to take and a full programme ahead of me. I took a picture of the artist, made my excuses and left.

Saturday 15th July - Williamson Park Sundial Opening

Another person keen for the publicity was the director of Williamson Park. This event however did not live up to much although the weather was good. A few kids doing a puzzle on the new sundial. I phoned earlier to ask the time of the opening, but was given the wrong time so when I arrived they had all taken off for tea. A few Ripley school pupils and the head teacher were still there plus a very low key Bay Radio mobile disco.