Battleground PolyU

Tensions in the ongoing protests in Hong Kong reached its peak in the middle of November 2019 after a protester was shot by a traffic policeman. Students occupied university campuses across the city and blocked key highways. After a fierce battle at the Chinese University, attention turned to the blockade at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) where students had closed off the Cross Harbour Tunnel leading to it.

Where is Shangri-La

Two explorers set off to southwest China in search of the elusive Shangri-La. Taking a cue from links between the book Lost Horizon, and Joseph Rock’s travel stories published in National Geographic, we embark on an arduous quest. Could the mythical place be based on Muli in Sichuan? See the interactive version of the project here.

Unchaining Captive Elephants in Nepal – National Geographic

In Nepal, most elephants living in captivity are chained for 18-19 hours per day when they’re not working. Carol Buckley of Elephant Aid International is working with elephant owners to construct chain-free corrals. The new corrals have electric fences that allow elephants to roam their yards without the risk of escaping. But the system is not always successful. See DJ’s most recent films for National Geographic on this YouTube playlist.

Bra Town – The Economist

Next time you buy underwear that’s ‘Made in China’, chances are it has come from a town like Gurao, in south east China. Gurao has been dubbed the ‘town of underwear’. Its factories produce 350m bras and 430m vests and pairs of pants every year. They have made Gurao a prosperous and polluted place. But China’s one-trick industrial towns are also extremely vulnerable to shifting demand. See DJ’s most recent films for The Economist on this YouTube playlist.