• Fearful of a gas attack, locals carried gas masks in boxes during the first Gulf war in Jerusalem.

  • Clearing debris from a scud attack. Tel Aviv, Israel during the first Gulf war, January/February 1991.

  • Prime Minister Shamir holds a press conference to explain Israel's response to scud attacks during the first Gulf war.

  • As the first Gulf war got underway in Kuwait so Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were confined to their homes under curfew. Ramallah, Palestine.

  • In a show of strength the Israeli army perform exercises for the press. Ashkelon, Israel. First Gulf war,

  • Young men carry a boy, shot in the leg during a protest to a nearby clinic for treatment. Shabora refugee camp, Rafah, Gaza, July 1990.

  • An Israeli army patrol sweeps through the old city of Jerusalem arresting young men accused of throwing stones. June 1991.

  • Children play Arabs and Jews in Shabora refugee camp, Rafah, Gaza strip, July 1991.

  • First Palestinian elections, January 1996. Shabora, Gaza.

An Enduring Conflict

In 1991 D J Clark was commissioned by The Guardian Weekend Magazine to document life in the last remaining Palestinian stronghold. A small corner of the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza strip known to its residents as Shabora. Over the past ten years Clark has returned to this community on a regular basis to document the changes in lifestyle as the people that live there cope with the ups and downs of living in one of the most troubled areas of the world.