• A police water canon fires blue dye water at protesters outside the Hong Kong Legislative Council building as press take up positions behind the protesters and along the bridge.

  • A police officer faces questions on a live feed as to why journalists are not allowed onto the MTR platform after reports of police beatings. Live streaming by citizen journalists and official media using the cities strong 4G network has been a popular way of viewing events.

  • Press surround a police patrol outside Ngau Tau Kok Division Police Station in Kowloon Bay as protesters setup road blocks on either side of the police station. Police have complained that large numbers of media shield protesters who often launch attacks on the police from behind the media.

  • Journalists pursue a police patrol as they retreat after a confrontation with protesters in Tung Chung. Police have complained throughout the ongoing protests about journalists interfering with their operations.

  • A protester engulfed by tear gas attacks police behind a gate at the Hong Kong Legislative Council building.

  • A police officer pushes back as two journalists try to photograph a protester being arrested in Tuen Mun.

  • A journalist approaches an advancing police patrol clearing a highway of protesters in Tuen Mun.

  • A journalist receives medical attention after being injured in a clash between Police and protesters on Nathan Road in Kowloon. There have been numerous injuries to frontline journalists covering the conflict.

  • A photojournalist is hit by a petrol bomb in a standoff between police and protesters outside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  • A journalist is stopped by police at a protest in Causeway Bay and asked to take off his gas mask and helmet while his credentials are being checked. Police have claimed that many journalists covering the protests were not legitimate.

The Third Front

Since the start of the Hong Kong protests in June 2019, there has been a large cohort of journalists present on the ground. Often wearing yellow vests and carrying gas masks and cameras, the press soon became and integral wall of observers at the frontlines. The police have accused many of not representing legitimate media organizations, of adding to the numbers, and of getting in the way of police operations. The protesters have generally welcomed media presence, often calling for them to come forward during arrests and other police actions.