Q&A with D J Clark

Q. Your story is a collection of nine women each with a different story to tell. One of them was a bonded labourer, the others cover issues of disability, untouchability, environmental disaster, social stigma, gender discrimination and more. How did you find these stories?

A. The idea came from the Australian Ambassador to Nepal who wanted to fund a documentary about the success of women entrepreneurs in rural Nepal, something she had been involved in supporting. I worked with two very good local journalists, Looni & Pramod, to come up with a different way of documenting the women and we won the pitch. The characters were found by Looni, who called tens if not hundreds of women to try and find the best characters.

Q. Why did you choose Storyplanet as your platform for the story?

A. I have known of Storyplanet for over a year but never quite had the right project for it. When planning for the output for this project I spent a day playing with as many different formats as i could and decided Storyplanet was the best fit.

Q. You use a combo of text, images and video in your story. Especially the videos are very powerful emotionally. How did you prioritize the different media types and the interaction between them?

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